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  Coordinate Measuring Machines with X-Y Stages
  ... and higher temperature stability, these components are made of aluminum (with high thermal conductivity), and special constant-tension guideway systems are used (see Fig. 29, p. 47). Today these machines are usually fully automated in all three axes, and their measuring range is approximately ...

  Bridge-Type Machines with Air Bearings
  ... with moving table and fixed bridge (Werth VideoCheck® 400×400×400). Through appropriate design measures, a constant prestress of the entire guideway system can be attained similar to the machines described above. A fixed-bridge construction is optimally suited to machines with transmitted-light ...

  Precision Machines with Mechanical Bearings
  ... thus reducing deformation of the machines. In order to prevent changes in the tension of the guideway systems caused by expansion, a special system is used in which prestress is produced by means of magnetic force and gravity (Fig. 29). Fig. 29: Constant-tension guideway system of Werth measuring stages. Moreover, this