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  Injection Molding
  ... accuracy is required. A part tolerance of several tens of micrometers and a tool tolerance of several micrometers typically result in maximum measuring uncertainty requirements as low as 1 µm and less for the coordinate measuring machines used (according to the tolerance chain argument). Tactile ...

  Image Processing Sensor
  ... with transmitted-light and reflected-light illumination. The lowest measuring uncertainty can b achieved using telecentric lens systems. The advantage of ... for a lens change. This approach thus has a negative effect on the measuring uncertainty. Since only two different magnifications are required in most cases, ... mm. Optimization between the measuring range of the sensor and the

  Measuring Microscopes and Projectors
  ... control, this new sensor technology made it possible to automate optical coordinate measuring machines for the first time. Interestingly, the measuring uncertainty of the machines built at that time was in the range of only a few micrometers.

  Capability of the Measuring Process
  ... on a comparison of the attainable (feature-dependent) measuring uncertainty, including all related influences, and the equally ... above. General procedures for determining the measuring uncertainty and assessing the capability of the measuring process ... of the measuring process can be ensured only if the

  Measuring Uncertainty
  Measuring Uncertainty Measuring Uncertainty Every measurement of dimensions such as size, angle, radius, form and position on workpieces is subject to a certain measuring uncertainty. The entire measuring process including the machine ... and the operator all influence the magnitude of this measuring uncertainty.The geometry of the features has an especially strong ...

  Specification and Acceptance Test
  ... 400 HA). Specification and Acceptance Test The most important attribute of a coordinate measuring machine is its contribution to the measuring uncertainty attainable in a measuring process. The user must be able to compare different machines, define their conditions of purchase and check their ... specified in the data sheet is actually used. If the sensor system actually used differs from the one specified, an additional increase in the

  Measuring Accuracy
  ... when measuring part features taking all influencing factors into account, • defining and checking a suitable value for the relationship between measuring uncertainty and feature tolerance . The traceability of the measured results to international standards is an indispensable aspect of all of these ...

  Multidimensional Distance Sensors
  ... comparable to the “measurement in the image” performed with an image processing sensor. The measuring uncertainty attainable with the prescribed measuring range is, however, limited. This is due especially ... should be noted here that a much better spatial resolution is required to attain the targeted

  Laser Point Sensors
  ... with this type of sensor. A correction of these influencing variables is therefore required. However, if suitable software is used, the measuring uncertainty can be reduced to a point where it satisfies the requirements of high-precision coordinate measuring machines. In practical use, a Foucault ...

  Workshop Measuring Machines
  ... machines are also used in toolmakers’ shops and in incoming inspection departments. It is important here to achieve a good balance between measuring uncertainty and part tolerance (see pp. 83 ff.). The special demand for a maximum ease of operation generally associated with workshop use has been taken ...