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  ... telecentrics traceability threshold operator tool -, correction -, measurement threedimensional triangulation technique trigger signal W working distance -, adjustable -, fixed -, small -, variable Z zoom lens system

  Image Processing Sensor
  ... is that the lateral magnification remains constant when the working distance is altered within the telecentric range, thus preventing errors of ... are motorized. This design enables a 1 × to 10 × magnification and working distances ranging from 30 mm to a maximum of 250 mm. Optimization between the ... can thus be attained (via magnification). Regardless of this, the

  Illumination for Visual Sensors
  ... light MultiRing®, adjustable height for lens systems with fixed working distance, d) Dark field reflected light MultiRing® in combination with Werth Zoom: A1: shallow angle of light incidence, small working distance; A5: steep angle of light incidence. The use of visual sensors ... By using the MultiRing® illuminator combined with an adjustable