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  Measuring Microscopes and Projectors
  ... scaled image of the workpiece onto a ground glass screen (Fig. 3b). Using an equally scaled drawing, a direct comparison can be made between the imaged workpiece area and the dimensions of the drawing. This procedure might be regarded as the original form of measurement “in the image”. The ... those of the profile projector. On its ground glass screen, the image can be compared with a

  ... contrast -, enhanced -, technique coordinate -, axes -, measuring machine D design principle digital image distance sensor -, multidimensional drawing drive system E Edge finder F Foucault -, laser sensor -, principle fringe projection G Gaussian gray image ground glass screen guideway -, ...

  Interactive Graphic Measurement
  ... and angles (“Autoelement”, Fig. 46). Fig. 46: Thanks to the userfriendly operating philosophy, measurement is as easy as reading a production drawing. a) In the Autoelement mode, geometric elements such as points, straight lines and circles are automatically detected on the picture of the object; b) They are then visualized on a display similar to a production

  Profiled Workpieces
  ... metrology tasks. Help is provided in the form of suitable operator prompting and graphic output of the measurement record in the form of a drawing with the actual dimensions. Special standards for aluminum extrusion molding (tolerances) and plastics (special linkage of contours) must be ... can also be supported by the BestFit software. The selection of the system technology suitable for this measuring task must be based on the

  Capability of the Measuring Process
  ... tolerances, it may occasionally be necessary to make concessions. In any case, it should be ensured that the process tolerance is less than the drawing tolerance by an amount equal to that of the measuring uncertainty (ISO 14253-1). In the end, the lower the quality of the measuring technology, ...

  Measuring Tactile-Optical Sensor
  ... principle of Werth Fiber Probe; a) 2-D measuring set-up, b) 3-D measuring set-up with second camera. Fiber probes are manufactured by wire-drawing thin glass fibers and melting the spheres onto them. Good positioning of fiber probes at the location to be measured can be achieved by ...