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  Laser Point Sensors
  Laser Point Sensors Laser Point Sensors The measuring principle of a laser point sensor is based on the projection of a beam of light produced by a laser (usually a laser diode) onto the object to be measured. The reflected ... function according to the following principle: the laser beam and the axis of the sensor’s imaging optics ... of degrees. A triangle is thus formed between the

  Tactile-Optical Contour Sensor
  ... that combines the familiar contact probe with a laser distance sensor. Using this contour sensor, roughness ... measuring machine. As shown in Figure 26, the laser sensor, which is normally used for direct measurement ... either with the contour probe or directly with the laser. Fig. 26: Werth Contour Probe with

  ... axes -, measuring machine D design principle digital image distance sensor -, multidimensional drawing drive system E Edge finder F Foucault -, laser sensor -, principle fringe projection G Gaussian gray image ground glass screen guideway -, system H hard stone material hysteresis I ... -, sensor -, system -, technique -, window imaging beam path incoming inspection department intensity distribution interference technique L

  Multisensor Technology
  ... measuring run. Fig. 27: Multisensor technology: typical applications of different sensors; a) Mechanical stylus, b) Werth Fiber Probe, c) Laser, d) Image processing, e) Autofocus, f) 3D-Patch.

  Multidimensional Distance Sensors
  ... to the spot-shaped distance sensors (1-D) mentioned above. In the laser light section technique (Fig. 16a), the conventional laser triangulation technique is extended to two-dimensional measurement by displacing the laser beam with a moving (for example, a rotating polygonal) mirror. The ... case.   Fig. 16: Examples of multidimensional distance sensors; a)

  Coordinate Measuring Machines with X-Y Stages
  ... systems usually integrate automatic transmitted and reflected light. High-end desktop units also feature mechanical probing systems and laser sensors. All of these systems can therefore be classified as multisensor coordinate measuring machines. Fig. 5: Designs of optical and ...

  Injection Molding
  ... light (like the Werth MultiRing®) provides a good basis. The Werth 3D-Patch or Foucault Laser Sensor function can also be used to ensure that rounded corners are measured reliably. The ... Fig. 48). The required large number of measured points can be acquired, for example, with laser distance sensors or 3-D sensors. If a 3-D multisensor coordinate measuring machine is ... systems featuring touch trigger or (better yet) measuring probing systems, fiber probes and

  Precision Machines with Mechanical Bearings
  ... is included as basic equipment. A continuous-path control provides the system with scanning capability and enables optional retrofitting of a laser sensor (Foucault principle), a three-dimensional measuring probing system or the Werth Fiber Probe. If required, motorized probe heads for the ...

  Specification and Acceptance Test
  ... the resolution of the sensors, the optical magnification of the lens systems, the depth of field when measuring with the autofocus and, with laser sensors, the radiant reflectance of the material surface as well. Influences caused by the machine itself primarily result from the resolution ... This takes into account the fact that a sensor calibration error (caused by, for example, incorrect probe sphere diameter, incorrect origin of

  From Profile Projector to Optical-Tactile Metrolog...
  ... acceptance.The prerequisites for state-of-the-art optical coordinate metrology include the use of modern image processing techniques and laser sensors first developed during the past decade. Multisensor coordinate measuring machines today feature both contact and non-contact sensors, ...