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  ... multisensor technology O object feature optics P parallax photogrammetry photomultiplier pixel -, contur -, number of -, size probing element process tolerance processing of image contours ... -, trigger -, visual spatial resolution stripe sensor structural resolution stylus sphere subpixel contour sub

  Image Processing Sensor
  ... One measured point is thus allocated to each pixel (or picture element) of a contour. The measured ... sensor “sees” the object as a gray image (a). The pixels of the gray image are converted to digital amplitudes (b). A pixel contour is calculated from the digital image with a threshold operator (c). A “sub

  Multidimensional Distance Sensors
  ... projected and evaluated in succession. A sort of subpixeling can be realized via the “phase shift technique”. ... process described above simultaneously for all pixels with a moving camera. Via a single run through the ... CCD sensors results from the relationship between the pixel size and the size of the measuring range, and corresponds to the number of

  Principle of X-ray Tomography
  ... source and detector) are moved in an axial direction relative to the measured object. In some cases, the size of the sensor or the number of pixels available is still not enough to meet the requirements for the measuring task. In such cases, several images are stitched together (Fig. 35c) ...