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  Tastauge Optical Edge Sensor, Tastauge The Tastauge or “Probing Eye” is a touch trigger sensor for optical measuring ... automatically in modern measuring systems. In practice, use of the Tastauge is limited to measurements performed according to the ...

  Measuring Microscopes and Projectors
  ... microscope and measuring projector with the Werth Tastauge: a) Measuring microscope; b) Measuring projector; c) Werth Tastauge and projector beam path. In the case of the profile ... 300) with integrated optoelectronic sensor (Werth Tastauge). The measuring projector (Fig. 4) combines the ... In the 1970s, Dr. Siegfried Werth developed the “

  ... -, technology -, trigger -, visual spatial resolution stripe sensor structural resolution stylus sphere subpixel contour subpixel point T tastauge telecentrics traceability threshold operator tool -, correction -, measurement threedimensional triangulation technique trigger signal W ...