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  Metal-Cutting Tools
  Metal-Cutting Tools Metal-Cutting Tools Metal-cutting or machining processes are the ... a need for increased accuracy in the measurement of tool geometry. This is especially the case where specific dimensions of tools directly influence the form of the parts to be ... it is important to make a distinction between

  Plate Bending Parts and Punching Tools
  Plate Bending Parts and Punching Tools Plate Bending Parts and Punching Tools Plate bending parts are widely manufactured for PC ... technique is also suitable for checking punching tools. Both blanking punches and matrices can be measured ... software enables graphic checking of the tool for the required size. Where high precision ... machine (Fig. 58).   Fig. 58: Correction of punching

  Main Applications
  ... coordinate measuring machines are utilized in many branches of industry. They are chiefly used in the automotive components manufacturing, tool manufacturing and consumer goods industries. Several major fields of application are described below. Depending on the measuring tasks involved ...

  Measuring Machines for Microstructures
  ... Microstructures Tolerance ranges of only several micrometers are required in micromechanics and for certain parts produced in the automotive, tool manufacturing and machine tool building industries. Especially accurate coordinate measuring machines are required in order to enable the measurement of such objects with ...

  Injection Molding
  ... process is the measurement of injection molding tools and the erosion electrodes required to manufacture ... influences of the injection molding process, the tool dimensions often do not agree exactly with the parts ... A part tolerance of several tens of micrometers and a tool tolerance of several micrometers typically result in ... CAD model in the scanning mode. The CAD model for the

  Special Machines
  ... applications (see pp. 93 ff.). In addition, special machines optimally suited to certain requirements such as the rapid measurement of tools (Fig. 33), measurement of recirculating ball screws with a length of 6.4 m (Fig. 34) or measurement of turbine blades with lengths of up to ...

  Profiled Workpieces
  ... complex profiles can be manufactured at a comparatively low price. In addition to the form tool, the mold pressure, pressing speed and surface roughness also influence the final form of the ... operators who have not received any special training to operate the system. Similarly, the tool correction used when inserting new

  Machine Software
  ... machine equipped with a large number of sensors. Ergonomic requirements can thus be satisfied by giving each user exactly those functions and tools which he requires and has a sufficient command of.

  ... stripe sensor structural resolution stylus sphere subpixel contour subpixel point T tastauge telecentrics traceability threshold operator tool -, correction -, measurement threedimensional triangulation technique trigger signal W working distance -, adjustable -, fixed -, small -, ...

  Workshop Measuring Machines
  ... addition to production control for machining, sheet metal punching and plastics injection molding operations, these machines are also used in toolmakers’ shops and in incoming inspection departments. It is important here to achieve a good balance between measuring uncertainty and part ...